About Ruud Kuijer

Ruud Kuijer’s team in 2016, making of the sculpture Ocean Reef for Panama City.

Ruud Kuijer is a highly skilled and innovative sculptor, who specializes in creating captivating abstract sculptures using ordinary materials like wood, concrete, iron, rope, and threaded rod. His Waterworks project, which is a series of seven impressive sculptures located along the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal in Utrecht, has gained significant recognition and admiration from art enthusiasts across the world. Kuijer's exceptional artwork is frequently featured in various contemporary sculpture exhibitions, and his pieces can be found in numerous museum and private collections worldwide.

His work departs from the idea that sculpture is a closed reality in itself. He enjoys the challenge of pushing the outer limits of sculpture as an art form, but Kuijer does not wish to expand the medium. He does not feel the need to question its core values by, for example, creating crossover work and venturing into areas where its identity as a sculpture is lost and the work becomes something else: theater, architecture, design, sociology, activism, or anything else.

Searching for untapped areas of sculpture is Kuijer's aim, exploring modernism's potential in the process. 

Kuijer’s former studio in Hoograven, Utrecht, 1996. Demolished in 2002.

Current studio in Lage Weide, Utrecht, 2023.