Utrecht, 2024
Kuijer en Rietveld. Works in Dialogue.

Sculptor and art critic William Tucker (Cairo, 1935) wrote in 1972 that Gerrit Rietveld is more of an artist than a furniture maker or architect. "The chair (...) actually functions as a medium for abstract creations." According to Utrecht sculptor Ruud Kuijer (Schalkwijk, 1959), this hits the nail on the head: Rietveld's chairs are primarily sculptures. Each of his designs is a new beginning in which he ventures into material, proportion, strength, and relationships. Kuijer's vision of contemporary sculpture is characterized by a similar quest.

In the exhibition "Works in Dialogue. Kuijer & Rietveld" at Utrecht Lokaal, Kuijer brings together seven works by Rietveld with his own: concrete, abstract sculptures from the past thirty-five years. By presenting them as pairs, the works enter into a relationship with each other, highlighting the sculptural aspect of Rietveld's work.

In preparation for this exhibition, Kuijer visited Tucker in his hometown of Ashley, Massachusetts, in the United States. He discussed his combinations and recorded the conversation. Quotes from the conversation are displayed on the walls. They help us - through the eyes of Kuijer and Tucker - to look at the parallels in the works.

Following the exhibition, nai010 publishers will release the publication "Rietveld, Kuijer / Kuijer, Rietveld." The publication will be available, among other places, in the museum shop of the Centraal Museum.